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Manages your Automotive Maintenance Schedule

Increases the Resale Value of your Car!

Saves you from unnecessary repairs!

Designed for Microsoft Windows«
For Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11  (32 * 64 bit)


Automotive Wolf  Screen Shots

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Main Interface

automotive software main interface

Create Vehicle Window
Create almost anything to track it's maintenance schedule
automotive software main interface
Vehicle Maintenance Configuration
Its Quick and Easy to setup your automotive maintenance schedules
automotive software main interface
Vehicle Maintenance Reminders
Reminders so you never forget importance car maintenance
automotive software main interface

Cost Analysis
Have you ever wondered what it costs you to own and maintain your vehicle or how much you spend in fuel each year? Automotive Wolf performs an in-depth cost analysis that shows you when and where your money is being spent, how much you have invested in the vehicle, and when you may want to consider trading it in....the best cost analysis package in the industry!

automotive software chart

Track your Fuel Economy
Check your vehicles Fuel Economy and watch for trends that can alert you to potential problems in the future. Automotive Wolf analyzes your fuel data and shows you the results. Declining fuel economy can be a first indicator of a problem on the way! ...you get total control of what data is selected and plotted.

automotive software fuel economy image
Create your personal automotive parts list

automotive software parts screen
Automotive Systems Reference
Look up automotive components

automotive software automotive reference screen
Car Care Tips
Get advice on how to keep your car in good operating condition

automotive software car care tips screen
Vehicle Information
Keep detailed information on almost every aspect of your vehicle

automotive software vehicle information screen
Vehicle Maintenance
Track all your maintenance and save a detailed vehicle maintenance Log

automotive software maintenance screen
Fuel Usage
Keep records of your fuel usage to track your fuel economy (miles/gallon)

automotive software fuel screen
Automotive Maintenance Requirement Editing
Configure each maintenance requirement individually to suit your preferences

automotive software maintenance requirement editing screen
Automotive Service/Parts Dealers
Maintain a list of your favorite Parts and Service shops

automotive software service screen
Email Reminders
Configure Email Reminders to automatically be sent when any maintenance is due

automotive software email notification screen
Vehicle Gauges
Create functional gauges to monitor any vehicle maintenance requirement

automotive software gauge selection screen
Quick Entry Number Pad
Use the Number Pad to make entering numerical values quick and easy

automotive software number pad screen >
Units of Measure
Select the units of measure for your country

automotive software unit selection screen
Free LifeTime Upgrades
Download Updates for Free

automotive software upgrading screen
Database Backup
Schedule automatic database backups so you never lose your data

automotive software backup database screen

Maintain your Vehicle like a PRO with the Original Automotive Software for Windows.


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