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Includes specialized vehicle maintenance schedule requirements for Cars, Large trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and Lawn Mowers. We've also added support for tracking maintenance on "Hourly" items like generators and small planes.

Now you can track your maintenance schedule on almost anything!

mustangmotorcycleLarge truck

Lawn Mowergenerator maintenance
Small Plane

Car CARE Features

  • Easily configure each of your vehicles in seconds according to your manufacturers recommended car maintenance/service schedule or create your own

  • Track maintenance, repairs, parts, fuel usage, additions/improvements, operating costs and more

  • Reminders are displayed at program launch or when you boot-up your computer

  • Set up automatic email notifications so you'll always know when maintenance is due

  • Monitors your driving habits as you enter maintenance, fuel and other records and constantly recalculates the average mileage to allow accurate predictions of when service is due

  • Includes a vast number of Car Care Tips and advice from expert ASE certified mechanics

  • Tracks fuel usage and fuel economy

  • Vehicle Health Status Gauge that monitors the overall condition of your vehicle

  • Performs an in-depth cost analysis that shows you when and where your money is being spent (cost/mile, cost/year, investment value, accumulated costs, operating costs)

  • Includes a trouble-shooting database of "symptoms and causes" that can provide valuable information on what may be wrong with your vehicle

  • Once you complete a regularly scheduled maintenance task it is automatically re-scheduled for next time

  • And much more!

more car care software features

vehicle software give us your feedback imagecustomer feedback....

All I can say is WOW! What a terrific product! It does everything I need to help me with my car maintenance. Mark Ventura, California

This is the best piece of software on my computer.  Thanks a million.  Russ Christman

Editors Choice car maintenance software awardYou have a great product, and I credit the maintenance records using Automotive Wolf  with getting 200,000 miles on my 15 year old BMW.  Sam S.

vehicle maintenance software customer odometer imageMy 1994 Nissan Sentra has passed the 300,000 mile mark, thanks in part to Automotive Wolf software and helping me with a good preventive maintenance program.  Mark F.

Geek Files automotive software 5 star awardMy car recently got rear-ended. Initially the insurance company wanted to value my sight-unseen car at low- Kellys Blue Book value, until I provided all the service records from Automotive Wolf maintenance reports .. and that revised the value to exceptional!
Thank you for giving me the tool to prove my car's true worth.  Ken K. (9/2011)

I use your auto software regularly in keeping track of my cars.  It's the best program I've found for that purpose.  J.C.

I LOVE THE SOFTWARE. It is by far the best car maintenance tracker out there! Jeremy A.

I am managing a fleet of taxis with Automotive Wolf. Its already saved me thousands on repairs. What a wonderful product. James P. New York

Wow! I downloaded Automotive Wolf and I LOVE IT!  Paul K, Arizona

Smart, Easy, & Amazingly Effective!

Automotive Wolf Vehicle Software Box ImageIt's easy to forget when your next oil change is due, when you need your tires rotated or your steering and brake fluids checked or any other regular car maintenance. Forgetting any of these items can turn into expensive auto repair bills. Automotive Wolf is designed to help you take good care of your vehicles. It will remind you when any service on your vehicle is due so you'll no longer need to guess or worry if you are up to date on your car maintenance schedule. When you have performed the required maintenance it automatically reschedules everything for you. 

Effortless Car Management:

Automotive Wolf was created with all car owners in mind. Whether you are the average family car owner, backyard mechanic or just a car enthusiast you will now be able to manage all your vehicle maintenance with ease. It also tracks all your operating costs, automatically saves a parts list for each of your vehicles and will help you to save money by avoiding unnecessary costly repairs.

Car Maintenance Software Screen Shot Image
Click image above to enlarge

11 Great Reasons to Manage Vehicle Maintenance with Automotive Wolf

  • Vehicle Software Reviewers Choice AwardSaves you money! : Helps you avoid costly repairs and the "downtime" required when your vehicle needs repairs.

  • Warranty Compliance: To comply with your manufacturers maintenance schedule required by your warranty and be able to prove it!

  • Maximizes Resale Value: Easily maintain a detailed car maintenance log. Good maintenance records maximize the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Extends Vehicle Life: Simply staying Up-to-Date on your car maintenance will increase the life of your vehicle and minimize the "headaches" involved with constant repairs.

  • Improved Reliability: Tracking your vehicle maintenance allows you to schedule reminders when service is due. This results in a better running vehicle and greater reliability.

  • Scam Avoidance: Helps you to avoid common scams, unnecessary maintenance and overpriced dealer service plans from some service shops.

  • Automotive Wolf Vehicle Software Tablet ImageCost Awareness and Comparison: Keeping a detailed maintenance and repair history for each vehicle you own  allows Automotive Wolf to provide an in-depth analysis of your Operating Costs. You can compare what it costs you to drive and maintain each vehicle you own.

  • Increased Knowledge: The knowledge you gain from being aware of your cars maintenance requirements will ultimately save you money!

  • Maintain it like a "PRO":  You don't need to be an ASE certified mechanic to keep your car in great running condition. Simply follow Automotive Wolf's advice and recommendations and you will be able to maintain any vehicle like a PRO.

  • Ease of Use : Automotive Wolf's gauges let you monitor the overall status of your vehicle at a glance. Create a gauge to monitor any maintenance requirement and let it remind you when maintenance is due.

  • Manufacturers Specs : Get detailed technical information on your vehicle

Don;t Forget Car Maintenance Image

Forgetting Can Be Expensive!

Good car maintenance is the single most important factor in keeping your car running well, extending its operating life, minimizing repair costs and maximizing its resale value. Simply using Automotive Wolf will enable you to reach these goals and help you with your preventive car maintenance schedule. It constantly analyzes your driving habits to be able to predict maintenance issues in the future. So even if you neglect to use the software for a while, it can notify you every time you boot-up your computer and automatically send you email reminders of upcoming required car maintenance.

Simple to Learn and Easy to Use:

Car Maintenance Schedule Easy Setup ImageThe intuitive graphical interface will have you using our vehicle software like a Pro in minutes. Keeping track of your vehicle maintenance and expenses will become almost effortless. Create vehicles and configure the car maintenance schedule in seconds.  Easily set reminders or create tracking gauges to monitor any maintenance item.

  Professional Car Maintenance Log:

Car Maintenance Software Screen Shot ImageAutomotive Wolf tracks your vehicle maintenance and service history so you know what needs to be done and when to do it!  Easily track repairs, maintenance, fuel usage, operating costs, parts and much more. Store a wide variety of information from vehicle paint codes to emissions inspection results. The 30 Day FREE Trial lets you explore all the features and flexibility before purchasing.  

  Manages any Car Maintenance Schedule:

automotive software main interfaceSetup your own car maintenance schedule or let our built-in advisor configure each vehicle for you. Create as many vehicles as you like and configure the car maintenance schedule for each vehicle to match the manufacturers recommended vehicle maintenance schedule or "tailor" it to your own personal preferences. The Configuration Manager lets you create and modify maintenance requirements in seconds. You will automatically be reminded when any car maintenance is due.

  Functional Vehicle Maintenance gauges:
vehicle maintenance software functional gauge image

Create & Configure functional gauges that you can set up to monitor any car maintenance requirement. The gauges show you at a glance the current status of maintenance items on your vehicle. When you see Red it's time for service.

vehicle maintenance software health gauge image

A Vehicle Health Status Gauge displays the overall condition of your vehicle. You can modify it to your own personal preferences to define what maintenance requirements effect its final result. A quick check and you will know if your vehicle is in good running condition.

  Informative Reports : 
car maintenance software reports imageView, Print and Export Detailed Formatted Reports.
Each Report can also be exported into multiple formats (pdf, Excel, CSV, Lotus, Rich Text, Word docs, XML and more)
Print out a "What's Due" List for your mechanic of maintenance that's due or present a prospective buyer of your vehicle with an impressive detailed maintenance log that will prove you've taken good care of your vehicle.
Click on a report below to view. Many other reports included.
  Professionally Designed Automotive Software

car iamgeDeveloped with a team of automotive professionals you can actually save money and increase the resale value of your vehicle by simply using the software and following their preventive maintenance recommendations. Get Top market value for your car when it's time to sell by presenting prospective buyers with professional reports on the service history of your vehicle. Taking good care of your investment has never been easier!

  Track and analyze your vehicle operating expenses

Have you ever wondered what it costs you to own and maintain your vehicle or how much you spend on fuel per year ?
Automotive Wolf performs an in-depth cost analysis that shows you when and where your money is being spent, how much you have invested in the vehicle, and when you may want to consider trading it in. See what your vehicle is costing you to own per mile, per year etc.

vehicle maintenance software operating costs analysis image
Click image above to enlarge
  Good car maintenance is just "Good common sense"

preventive maintenance software mechanic imageWhy spend your hard earned money on unnecessary repairs?
Join thousands of satisfied customers that use Automotive Wolf everyday to manage their vehicles. Quality car care software that's packed with features no other product can match!  One program that will handle all of your vehicles that includes FREE Life-Time upgrades.

.. from the leader in Car Care Software since 1997

  Purchase Automotive Wolf Car Care Software:

Credit Card imagePurchase Automotive Wolf for as low as $29.95 or $39.95 for the PRO version. Add the installation CDROM for $5.00 with FREE Shipping!

Quality automotive software that includes FREE Lifetime upgrades

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Recent customer feedback....

"Automotive Wolf is an awesome program and I really love being able to track operating costs of my three vehicles. I feel the Wolf had helped me make smarter decisions about vehicle repairs and future purchases. Wesley C.

"Automotive Wolf is a very well thought out program and I find it very easy and intuitive
to use.
I will recommend it highly. Larry S.

"I recently purchased your car maintenance software and I already downloaded the latest upgrade. I really appreciate your company giving its customers free lifetime updates for the software. That's a wonderful philosophy. Thanks again." John Ricardi, CA, July 2012

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your fine vehicle software product. I've been using it for almost a year and my car is running great because I never forget my car maintenance anymore. In fact it may have saved me from an accident because when Automotive Wolf sent me a reminder to rotate my tires my mechanic noticed a nasty bald spot on the inside tire wall. It could have caused a blowout. I replaced the tire and had an alignment and everything is good now. Dale Thomas, MO, July 2012

testimonials image for car maintenance software"Hey dudes you created some really good automotive software. I am really impressed. Keep up the good work." Jeff M. Montreal

"I'm tracking 2 cars, a truck, a motorcycle and my neighbors tractor with your car software. I use the auto email reminder option for my neighbor. Everything is working great and the email reminders are awesome. I'm loving your product."  Mike T. Las Vegas


Helpful Articles....

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